At Shakefork Community Farm our passion for farming is deeply rooted in a profound and transformative lifestyle commitment.  We draw little to no boundary between work and life; the stuff of sustaining life is our work and our play.  We farm to reconnect with a simple agrarian lifestyle and strive to supply as many of our own needs as possible.  It is our goal to eventually provide for Humboldt County most of the foods that are foundational in our diet.

We're situated on 85 acres in the Van Duzen River floodplain, just out of reach of coastal fog in sunny Carlotta, Humboldt County.  We cultivate 8-10 acres in mixed veggies, storage crops, and small grains, and intensively graze another 30 acres with our pastured poultry, sheep, and cattle.  We build soil, manage grass, and make a good living feeding people at the same time.  Our production methods are uncertified organic and biodynamic.

We like filling up the plates of our friends, family and community with good food from the farm.


spring grains - barely and buckwheat

a veggie share