What's in a share?

  • Our shares are packed in reusable wax boxes weekly, for 22 weeks.
  • We strive to create a balanced share, providing 8-12 different types of vegetables, herbs and/or strawberries in your weekly box.
  • Boxes generally include some roots, some greens, some kind of onion, salad ingredients, some kind of brassica, something to snack on, strawberries, and always a variety of flavors, textures and colors.
  • The contents of your box will reflect the changing seasons.
  • Please return your box each week when you pick up your share.
  • Download and print a Membership Agreement here.
  • The FULL SHARE PRICE must be PAID IN FULL before the 1st distribution in June.

Our Family Share is your best value and the right choice for most households. 

  • $660 for the season or $30 per week.
  • A deposit of $100 reserves your spot.

A late June share...

June 28th share

A July share... 

July 26th share

An August share...

August 16th share

 A September share...

September 15th share

An October share... 

October 27th share


Our Garden Share is half-sized for the 1-2 person household, or a household that doesn't prepare fresh food everyday.  

  • $396 for the season or $18 per week.
  • A deposit of $100 reserves your spot.
  • Garden shares generally receive about half of a family share in total volume or share value.  For example, a garden share might include1 head of lettuce instead of two, 1/2# carrots instead of 1#, 1 onion instead of two, a small cauliflower or 1/2# of broccoli instead of 1# broccoli, etc...

A sample garden share...

Sample garden share from September

 Print a Membership Agreement for HERE.