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Vegetable CSA


Our vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program serves the communities on or near Highway 36, from Fortuna to Garberville, Bridgeville to Alton.   We are also delighted to partner with St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital to offer hospital employees 22 weeks of fresh, organically grown vegetables delivered right to work.  Eating well has never been simpler!  

A September share

CSA shares offer the best value in local, organic produce.  They also provide an opportunity for you and your household to cultivate a deeper relationship to your food and the land and people that grow it.  As a shareholder you receive an abundance of nutrient-dense, organic, and most importantly, delicious produce to enjoy throughout the growing season.  Your farmers, in turn, receive the benefit of your committed financial support early in the season and the satisfaction of knowing the people we feed.  By joining a CSA you align yourself with a farm and all of the seasonal variability that farmers endure.

Join now: 2016_CSA Member Agreement Form

 How does it work? 

Our CSA shares come in two sizes to best suit the needs of your household:   

A FAMILY SHARE is our best value and the right choice for most households; $500 for the season or less than $23/week.

GARDEN SHARE is half-sized for the 1-2 person household; $300 for the season or less than $14/week.

  • Our share runs for 22 weeks, from June through October.
  • Weekly shares are packed in reusable boxes and available at a variety of convenient pick up locations.
  • Shareholders commit to one pick up location for the duration of the season.
  • Pick-up options include:


TUESDAYS @ the farm, noon to dark (or even WEDNESDAY if you must)

TUESDAYS @ Fortuna Farmer's Market, 3-6p

TUESDAYS @ Redwood Memorial Hospital, Fortuna, 2-6p

FRIDAYS @ the farm, noon to dark

FRIDAYS @ Garberville Farmer's Market, 11a-3p

FRIDAYS @ St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka, noon-6p

  • A deposit of $100 for the FAMILY SHARE, or $75 for the GARDEN SHARE, reserves your share for the season.
  • Shares can be paid for upfront in full or with a payment plan that works for you.  Please see our commitment form for details.
  • As many of our expenses, such as seeds and soil amendments, are purchased up front at the beginning of the year, your early payments are appreciated.


To become a shareholder this season, please fill out our member agreement form and mail it to us, along with your deposit or payment in full.

Find a printable form here: 2016_CSA Member Agreement Form

Mixed greens bunch, spinach, peas, carrots, scallions, lettuce, broccoli, and turnips.

Kale, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, green garlic, scallions, radishes

A FAMILY share early in the season (June-early July) may include the following vegetables:

2 lettuce heads (butter and red leaf), broccoli, 1/2 lb spinach, scallions or green garlic, radishes, carrots or salad turnips, a bunch of kale, 2 zucchini/summer squash, pac choy, and 1 lb. peas.

A FAMILY share at the peak of summer (August thru early September) may include:

1 lb. lettuce mix, 1/2 pound spinach, 1 lb. green beans, broccoli or cabbage, 4 cucumbers, 4 zucchini/summer squash, garlic, a big 'ol sweet onion, a bunch of carrots, beets, and/or salad turnips, a bunch of dill or basil, 2 lb new red potatoes, basket of cherry tomatoes and/or 1-2# slicing tomatoes.

A FAMILY share in fall (mid-September thru October) may include:

2 lettuce heads, a cabbage or cauliflower, a couple yellow onions, 2 pounds yukon gold potatoes, 4 zucchini/summer squash, 4 cucumbers, a bunch of beets, carrots, or salad turnips, garlic, two delicata winter squash, a pound of red bell peppers, and a bunch of kale.

Week 5, 2014.


CSAs are not the right choice for every household.  We’ve learned that people who fall into the following categories are not usually a good match for our CSA program:

  • Anyone who is away on vacation many weeks during the summer. We do not give credit for vacation weeks, so it is your responsibility to have someone pickup your share if you are gone, or to cancel your share for the week.
  • People who don’t really like to cook or who often don’t eat at home.
  • People who don’t like vegetables or who don’t like trying new foods.
Thank you!  And may every meal be memorable!