Their Words

Reflections and comments about the Shakefork work experience.


Cat adds carrot bunches to the shares.

"Your graciousness and gratitude for the workers that come to the farm is undeniable.  I really appreciated you taking the time to check-in and willingness to put extra energy in me, because I was putting my energy into you.  You all have a keen awareness and thoughtfulness about you.  I often didn’t even have to say something, you were already on top of it.  Keep cultivating that."

--Cathryn Henning, 2016 Apprentice.  (Currently the Farm Manager for Wild Willow Farm in San Diego.)

Sam and the 2011 crew stand proud after baling oat straw.

"Thank you both for everything you have shared with me from the time of my apprenticeship to today.  My time at Shakefork and the conversations we have had since have been a serious force in molding me into the person I am and the farmer I hope to become.  I wouldn't be here in this place without you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

--Samantha Dillingham, 2011 Apprentice

Daniel Perez, teamster in training.

"The Shakefork experience surpassed my expectations.  You guys opened up my whole world!  I had no experience, and you guys gave me the chance to really shine and it felt great!  What advice would I give to future apprentices?  Don't count the days, make the days count."

--Daniel Perez, 2016 Apprentice and ox teamster-in-training