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Simona Carini's Buckwheat Flour Polenta

By grain share member Simona Carini, as seen in the North Coast Journal 3.17.11

The buckwheat flour and cornmeal received as part of my grain share from Shakefork Community Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) prompted me to experiment with a personal, locally grown version of polenta taragna.  Traditional polenta taragna includes butter and local cheese. I omit the butter, preferring a lighter dish, but I do add cheese, experimenting with different ones. Depending on the consistency of the cheese I choose, I cut it into small pieces or grate it, sometimes mixing two different kinds. I don’t usually measure the cheese, but the last time I made this polenta, I paid attention and I can report that I added 2 oz of aged Asiago. The cheese should go in at the end of the cooking time. Stir to incorporate it, then serve immediately. If using cheese cut into small pieces, the bits that don’t melt completely will make for a pleasant tasting experience.


½  cup sifted cornmeal

½  cup buckwheat flour

4 cups cold water

a bit of salt

cheese of choice, to taste, cut into small pieces or grated

Making The Polenta:

Pour water into your saucepan and add salt. 

Slowly add cornmeal and buckwheat flour, whisking to mix.

Bring to a boil on medium heat.

Reduce the heat to low.

Continue stirring with the whisk until the polenta becomes thick, then stir often with a wooden spoon.

Cook for at least 50 minutes.

Add cheese of choice and stir to incorporate.

Serve immediately.

**Leftovers can be spooned into a square container and refrigerated, then sliced and lightly browned for breakfast or lunch the next day.

For the full story, we recommend reading Simona’s article at: http://www.northcoastjournal.com/food/2011/03/17/polenta-not-only-corn/

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