Pastured Poultry in Humboldt County

We feed 100% GMO-Free, Certified Organic chicken feed, always.

Your farmers proudly showing off a whole broiler. 

Raised on pasture with organic feed, whole broilers and select cuts.

We offer an alternative to commercial, warehouse raised chicken for our customers in Humboldt County.  

  • All of our chickens are fed 100% GMO-Free, Certified Organic chicken feed.  
  • We purchase day-old chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery, whose French imported breeding stock meets the high standards of the Label Rouge Program, producing a slow growing, robust chicken that thrives in organic, pasture based management systems like our own.  
  • We move chicks from our brooder at 3 weeks of age to portable Salatin-inspired chicken tractors that scoot across our pastures, moving at least once daily.  
  • These portable shelters keep our young (and vulnerable!) birds safe from predators and sheltered from extreme weather, while enabling us to precisely place fertility on our pastures.  
  • The chickens have access to fresh pasture daily, where they scratch, forage, stretch, and dust bathe in natural sunlight.  
  • Our healthy and contented birds make for some of the best eating ever.  
  • You will appreciate the tender, succulent meat high in yellow, omega-3 fatty acids and full of flavor.

We slaughter and process all of our birds ourselves, on the farm, under federal exemption PL 90-492.  

You can buy our chicken direct from the farm by appointment or find us at these Humboldt County Farmers' Markets.

      The Abattoir


 Nutrient-dense eggs from Pastured Hens

The layers.

Our hens free-range in a mobile paddock, following our cattle and sheep.  

  • We provide certified organic laying feed, but our hens provide for much of their own nutrition by foraging for seeds, bugs, and pasture.
  • We provide skim milk, a by-product of ghee production, as a farm-produced protein supplement.
  • We do not use any artificial light or climate control to increase egg production, and we never force simultaneous molting - all standard practices in conventional, warehouse production.
  • We embrace the seasonal rhythms of nature and accept fluctuations in production during the colder and hotter months of the year.  
  • We believe our customers understand the true value of an egg produced in a holistic system which views each hen as more than just a machine.  
  • Good husbandry means, to us, a healthy, unmedicated flock free to express the fullness of their chicken-ness, producing delicious, nutrient dense eggs for us and our customers.

Our eggs are available at a discount to our CSA members, direct from the farm, and at local Farmers' Markets.

Pasture-raised Holiday Turkeys

 Our Great Pyrenees guards the flock...

Our Great Pyrenees guards the flock.

  • Every summer and fall, we raise a small batch of turkeys on pasture with certified organic feed.
  • We often use the turkeys to clean up a field after a grain harvest.
  • Turkeys are available for on-farm pick only, fresh the week of Thanksgiving.

Slaughter days bring together good friends and community.

Turkey processing day.